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Blossman & Sustainable Development

The unique quality and capabilities of a Blossman Gas system make it the ideal energy delivery model for sustainable development in the new millennium. Blossman and HBH Gas Systems are committed to supporting the economic and environmental principles of sustainable development.

With sustainable development you can build your centralized gas neighborhood anywhere you want to--with Blossman propane gas. One large tank. Individual meters and piping. No more geographic boundaries. No more worries.

Calculating the difference in Carbon Dioxide Emissions
using Propane vs. Electricity.

As an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved alternative green energy recognized by Clean Cities, The Energy Policy Act and The Clean Air Act, propane offers lower greenhouse gas emissions than other fuel options without compromising performance in a wide range of applications.

LP gas contributes to strengthening the three pillars of sustainable development: Economy, Social Welfare & Environment.

► The Economy, by boosting productivity and providing increased savings:

According to Department of Energy research, heating a home with electricity is nearly twice as expensive per BTU as propane gas. In other words, the estimated savings to homeowners using LP gas in lieu of electricity for heating averages about 20-30% per month. Additionally, the decrease in electric demand reduces the need to build additional coal-fired electric generating plants.

► Social Welfare, by improving living standards through increased comfort and convenience:

Gas offers a number of advantages that simply make life more pleasant. A gas water heater recovers twice as fast as an electric one and makes running out of hot water a thing of the past. Homeowners prefer gas furnaces because they are more comfortable. They produce warmer air than an electric heat pump, which eliminates that "drafty" feeling. A gas dryer dries clothes faster and more efficiently than an electric dryer, and a gas range heats more evenly. Optional in-line propane back-up generators supply uninterrupted power so the home is never affected by an electrical power outage.

► The Environment, by replacing electric power in off-grid homes:

Gas substantially increases efficiency, reduces greenhouse gasses and minimizes particulate emissions when compared to coal-based electric supplies. Switching from traditional coal-based electric generation to LP gas is bringing considerable health and environmental benefits at the local, regional and global levels. From the point of generation to the home, coal-fired electricity is only 28.5% efficient. In a similar comparison, a high efficiency propane gas furnace is about 98% efficient. The advantage of this efficiency is reflected in a homeowner's electric bill as well as the realization of environmental benefits due to the reduction in demand of pollution laden coal-fired electric generation.


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