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Eco-Tips - All of us can do our part to save energy and help the environment.  Below are several tips that you may find helpful.

  • Using propane to heat your home and water effectively reduces Greenhouse gases by 8.5 tons annually.

  • Install an energy saving tankless water heater.

  • Use a propane powered mower instead of a gasoline powered mower.

  • Turn down your water heater when you will be away for extended periods.

  • Clean or replace air filters on your air conditioning unit at least once a month.

  • Turn off unneeded lights when leaving a room.

  • Set your refrigerator temperature at 36-38 and your freezer at 0-5.

  • Purchase appliances with the EnergyStar label.

  • Insulate your home as best you can.

  • Plant trees to shade your home.

  • Replace old windows with energy efficient ones.

  • Connect your outdoor lights to a timer.

  • Buy green electricity - electricity produced by low or zero pollution facilities.

  • Use non-hazardous components to ward off pests such as a mosquito magnet.

  • Use items that have been recycled, such as recycled paper and tissue.

  • Use ceramic and glass dishes rather than disposable ones.

  • Recycle cans, paper and plastics.

  • Replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent bulbs where possible.

  • Take advantage of new tax incentives to improve your home.


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