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Why choose a propane forklift over electric, gasoline or diesel?  The reasons for choosing propane forklifts are plentiful:

  • Environmentally Friendly - Propane is a non-toxic, clean-burning fuel that can be used to safely power forklifts both indoors and outdoors.  With propane, there is no spillage, loss or evaporation into the atmosphere.

  • Safe - Propane forklift tanks, fuel lines and carburetion components meet or exceed strict specifications.  Built-in safety devices automatically shut off the flow of fuel in case of an accident.

  • Versatile - Propane forklifts can be used in indoor and outdoor applications.  Propane is the most portable fuel.  Cylinders can be stored and moved virtually anywhere within a work site.

  • Strong - Propane forklifts maintain consistent, 100% power throughout operation.  They have the ability to push and pull heavy loads at full capacity, up and down inclines, for a longer amount of time, and with better ground speeds than electric forklifts.

  • Easy Refueling - Propane forklifts require very little refueling time compared to natural gas powered and electric forklifts.

  • Economical - From an investment standpoint, propane forklifts offer an economical way to meet material handling needs.  Propane forklifts have lower life-cycle costs than electric, diesel and gasoline-powered forklifts.

  • Low Maintenance - Propane produces fewer engine deposits than gasoline and diesel fuel, resulting in lower maintenance costs.  Propane engines can typically last up to twice as long as gasoline engines.


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